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Lgj-10 experimental vacuum freeze dryer


Lgj-10 experimental vacuum freeze dryer is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical and food fields. The freeze-dried products are easy to be preserved for a long time. After adding water, they can return to the state before freeze-drying and keep their original biochemical characteristics. Lgj-10 freeze dryer, suitable for laboratory use, can meet the requirements of most laboratory routine freeze-drying.

Technical parameters of lgj-10 experimental vacuum freeze dryer

1. Integrated structure design, small volume, no external flange, easy to use, no leakage.

2. All materials in contact with the products shall use inert materials to meet the requirements of GLP.

3. The cold trap and operating table are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

4. All stainless steel inflatable (drainage) valves are designed and manufactured by our company, which are safe, corrosion-resistant and leak free.

5. The cold trap has large opening, no inner tube, sample pre freezing function and no need of low temperature refrigerator.

6. Professional gas diversion technology, uniform ice capture in cold trap and strong ice catching capacity.

7. International famous brand compressor, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life and low noise.

8. Famous brand vacuum pump, with high pumping speed, achieves higher limit vacuum degree.

9. Vacuum pump protection function, can set the vacuum pump start cold trap temperature, protect the service life of vacuum pump.

10. Professional design fd-lab lyophilizer control system + sh-hpsc-i modular controller, with high reliability and stability.

11. The intelligent data recording system can record and display the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve and vacuum degree curve in real time. The exported data can be browsed, printed and operated by computer.


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