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GZL universal (10-15m2) vacuum freeze dryer


Main technical advantages:

The clapboard is made by unique patent technology, with high pressure resistance, high flatness and good temperature uniformity.

High efficiency mixed refrigerant medium, low freezing point and high boiling point, high heat transfer efficiency.

The optimization control algorithm of drying curve can control the heating rate and vacuum value of products in the drying stage.

Professional gas diversion design and control technology, strong water catching capacity and high drying efficiency.

During the drying operation, the vacuum degree should be adjusted to avoid foaming and bottle blowing of special substances, so as to improve the drying efficiency.

Industrial embedded touch screen + special sh-hpsc-iv modular controller, the system is stable and reliable, and the control precision is high.

The lyo-control control system is specially designed, which can save multiple sets of process formulas, and adjust the process in real time during the drying process to improve the process optimization rate.

Flexible manual + automatic control mode, which is used to explore the process manually and batch production automatically.

The user level and password can be set, and the operation management can be decentralized.

The lyo-mega upper computer control system with powerful functions can be selected to record and save the operation data, curves and alarm records for up to 10 years, so as to improve the traceability of products, and facilitate observation, operation and fault diagnosis.

Non standard customization can be carried out according to user requirements.


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