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Only by understanding the principle and function, can we choose and buy the CNC tomographic refrigerator correctly

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The principle of chromatography is as follows

Chromatography is one of the most commonly used separation techniques in modern biochemistry. It is based on the difference of physical and chemical properties (adsorption force, molecular shape and size, molecular polarity, molecular affinity, partition coefficient, etc.) of each component in the mixture. In the two-phase movement, the exchange, distribution, adsorption and desorption processes are carried out continuously. The tiny differences between the components can be separated through the same repeated process. Combined with corresponding optical, electrical and electrochemical detection methods, it can be used for qualitative, quantitative and purification of a substance, and its purity is as high as 99%. Chromatographic method is characterized by high separation rate, sensitivity (PG FG level) and selectivity. It is especially suitable for the analysis of complex biological samples with less samples and more impurities. Chromatography can be divided into adsorption chromatography, partition chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, gel chromatography and affinity chromatography according to the principle of chromatography. According to the operation, chromatography can be divided into column chromatography, thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography and thin film chromatography.

The gel is placed in the chromatographic column, and the mixed liquid or mixed gel like substance is poured into the chromatographic column. The size of the mixture is different and the weight is different. Therefore, the melting degree of the mixture is different from that of the gel. The weight and the size of the mixture can be passed through the chromatography solution first, and it reaches the bottom of the chromatographic column earlier, and is separated through the pipeline. In the process of separation, the vibration of the product is small. If the vibration of the product is large, it will affect the fusion degree of the mixture and the gel, and can not be effectively separated.

The numerical control chromatography refrigerator is a special low temperature cabinet specially developed for biochemical chromatography experiment. It can also be used for other experiments requiring low temperature environment, or for cold storage of articles. After scientific design, the total height of the refrigerator is not more than 2 meters, which is convenient for entering and leaving the room and elevator. The space inside the cabinet is large and easy to operate.

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